Other Services: Patient Advocacy and Insurance Help
Confronting a medical crisis often brings with it the daunting task of attending complicated medical appointments and maneuvering through complex medical systems. In addition to psychological treatment Dr. Perez provides advocacy services for patients who may need support outside of the psychotherapy office.
Patient Advocacy

Some patients and families can feel overwhelmed maneuvering through the medical system and may benefit from support outside of the psychotherapy setting.

Dr. Perez is able to attend medical appointments with you in order to help you manage information, support you through communications and interactions with your medical team, liaison with your health care professionals throughout your treatment, and help you navigate the complexities of your medical care.

Insurance Help

Dr. Perez is an in-network participating provider with a variety of health care plans and all of his in-office psychological services are covered by most insurances. Office personnel will assist you with all of your insurance needs related to the psychological care provided.

Prior to the initial consultation you will receive information regarding insurance authorization and specific details regarding your co-pay or co-insurance amounts if any.
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